Andrew Wommack Devotional – Our Debts Have Been Cancelled

Topic: Our Debts Have Been Cancelled

Memory Verse: To proclaim the acceptable year of the
Lord. — Luke 4:16-30

This scripture had been written prophetically by
the prophet Isaiah about 650 years prior to this
time. It was read in Jewish synagogues
thousands of times. But the one this verse was
speaking of had never spoken it before. With this
pronouncement, Jesus began the year of Jubilee.

The Year of Jubilee was described in Leviticus
25. It was a year when everyone left their fields
unworked and kept a sabbath unto the Lord. The
Lord gave the people a miraculous provision the
year before this jubilee started that sustained
them for three years until their crops could once
again be harvested.

This jubilee was different than the other
sabbatical years in that every debt was
cancelled. All property was returned to its original
owner and anyone who had been sold into
slavery was set free. It was a year of new
Jesus proclaimed a spiritual jubilee.

We now live
in a time when all our debts to God have been
cancelled and all the things the devil stole from
us have been returned. Even our slavery to the
devil has come to an end through the redemptive
work of our Lord Jesus Christ. This is a time for

Jesus is our jubilee.

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